Even Vintage Fall15 New Arrival!! November 04 2015

Even Vintage Fall15 collection is now available to order online at our store!

The collection is inspired by 70's, we love the faux pearl detail and the denim!

Great News for people from HK! All orders are free shipping! Enjoy!


EV is landing in ASOS! September 28 2014

EV are landing in ASOS!! 

ASOS is a global online fashion shop and the largest fashion online shop in UK, selling over 850 of the best brands, including ASOS’ own label. We will launch our latest collection in our own website first in every season. Please stay tuned!


ASOS除了擁有自家品牌外,每季還會不停引進全球最頂尖的時尚高街品牌,為時尚愛好者帶來源源不絕的驚喜,引領著世界潮流! 而我們每季都會在自家網站優先發佈最新系列,如果大家想搶先一步,以最快的速度體驗最新系列,以後就要繼續密切留意我們的最新動態哦!

EV in London - The Laden Showroom January 30 2014


We are landing in London!! The Laden Showroom is an iconic London boutique which believes in supporting and promoting the hottest up-and-coming independent fashion designers. Established in 1999 the store has continued to successfully help, nourish and support young brands, offering customers independently designed fashion at affordable prices. The Laden Showroom is internationally recognised for showcasing British fashion, with the CEO and owner of the business being awarded an MBE for his services to the fashion industry. Come to visit us if you are in London!

我們登陸倫敦了!!The Laden Showroom是倫敦一間標誌性的獨立設計師精品店,成立於1999年,一直支持和推動獨立設計師,店主更獲頒MBE大英勳章以表揚她對英國時裝界的貢獻;在倫敦的朋友快來看看哦!

ADDRESS: 103 Brick Lane,London,E1 6SE


FACEBOOK: theladenshowroom

TWITTER: @Ladenshowroom

INSTAGRAM: theladenshowroom

Even Vintage FW13 photo shooting November 26 2013

Our FW13 campaign can be finished successfully, special thanks to the production team, Montage and photographers, Lester Lee! Lester is the current president of the Hong Kong Institute of Professional Photographers, there could be no doubt that the introduction of his photos would be a great addition to the attractions of our collection!

這次FW13 collection的拍攝能順利完成,要特別感謝來自香港的製作團隊Montage和攝影師Lester Lee (李寶勳)! Lester是現任香港專業攝影師公會會長,真的非常感激大師能抽空親自操刀拍攝,為我們秋冬系列生色不少!

Even Vintage Seoul trip 2 November 23 2013


When we were shopping in LOW CLASSIC in Sinsa-dong, there was a ice cream shop nearby which has a very long queues outside. The ice cream has a very strong smell of milk with hive & honey on the top. It is absolutely delicious! ! !

This is called SOFTREE!

之前在首爾逛新沙洞的時候,就在LOW CLASSIC旁邊發現了一間很長人龍的雪糕店,我們都忍不住去排隊試試!很濃的牛奶味加上甜度剛好的蜜糖蜂巢真的非常好吃! ! !現在已經很想它了 這家叫SOFTREE 大家來首爾時可以試試

Even Vintage Seoul trip July 11 2013

After the FW13 shooting, we went to Seoul immediately. At first, we imagined that there were a lots of things  we could buy, the result is buying so many cups of coffee >.< Our favourite place in Seoul is Sinsa-dong Garosugil, ginkgo tree lined roads, beautiful environment , with a branch road full of personality cafe and restaurant, as well as interesting shops and fashion boutiques! This is one of our favourite cafe in Seoul, more than a cup of coffee, as well as clothes and books~

在拍攝完秋冬系列後馬上出發到首爾,本來以為會買很多東西回來,結果買得最多的是咖啡>.< 在首爾最愛的地方是新沙洞林蔭道,道路兩旁種滿銀杏樹,環境優美,加上分支小路開滿個性cafe與餐廳,以及有趣小店和時裝名店! 而這家Cafe是我們挺喜歡的,不止喝咖啡,還有衣服和書可以看呢~